March 2, 2011

to my beloved body.

Dear body, I have undergone a medical checkup as an order from PETRONAS, in order to allow me to work for them starting officially this 30th of March 2011. The result of the medical checkup is finally in my hand and all the details about your content, the blood that flows in you as well as the x-ray picture of you showing your chest bones are already in my hand.

Body, the result of the medical checkup is normal but there are some areas that both of us need to pay attention to starting from now on. Even though the medical checkup has approved that you are fit for the job, some details in the result are attracting my attention and are urging me to take some serious actions in order to preserve and to ensure the healthiness of you and me. Listed below are the areas that we need to put our attention on in order to achieve a better life later on. Those areas are:

  1. Your RDW (Red Blood Cell Distribution Width) percentage is 15.8%, a bit higher than the normal range (11.0-15.0 ). According to sources, higher RDW values may leads to several cardiovascular disease.
  2. Your lymphocytes concentration is 4.4, which is higher than the normal range (1.0-4.0). An increase in lymphocytes concentration is usually a sign of viral infection.
  3. Your LDL cholesterol concentration is 3.48, way higher than the normal range (<2.58). According to Wikipedia, with this concentration, you have even higher rates of developing symptomatic cardiovascular disease event.
  4. Potassium concentration in your electrolytes is also way higher than the normal range (3.5-5.1), which is 6.8. With this amount of concentration, it may profoundly affect your nervous system and increases the chance of irregular heartbeats, which can be fatal.
  5. Last but not least, you don't have any antibody to fight Hepatitis B for me. Even though you have not been affected by HPV virus before, the doctor advises me to take those HPV shots.

Body, please also be reminded that your spine shape is not straight as it used to be, 5 years ago. Even though the doctor said that there's nothing to be worried about and I should not undergo any operations to get it straight again, but let us be reminded that this has already become a serious issue that we should be aware of. We need to be more careful in doing any sorts of physical activities from now on.

I know that you don't want me to leave you in acute diseases or infections when I'm finally summoned by Him later on, don't you? Yeah, me too. It is sad to die in such conditions and is also painful. Nevertheless, relax and take a deep breath body. We still have a lot of time to do what we need to do to get you back in shape again. You have my words.