March 23, 2010

current addiction and will always be an addiction.

Figure 1 : At KLCC

Figure 2 : At McDonald's

Figure 3 : At KLCC Park

Figure 4 : At KLCC

Figure 5 : At Pangkor

Have been editing pictures for a few days earlier this week. Somehow, found several very cute pictures of her. Changed their resolution to meet the resolution of the desktop monitor. Downloaded a freeware that allows you to change the desktop wallpaper automatically. Added these 5 pictures into the wallpaper list so that they keep changing on the desktop! She's an addiction, a full-time addiction. A lover, a full-time love of mine...

p/s : i didn't edit these pictures that much. cuma adjust kontra, kecerahan, exposure dan yang sewaktu dengannya~ :P


shiver_14 said...

sweet lover :)

Encik Jurassic said...

yes,i am,ehehehe.

shiver_14 said...

yup, u.
be together forever okay?
Amin :)

Encik Jurassic said...

yes i will.
n u too my friend.

wani gaga gugu gege said...

aw so sweet. selamat berbahagia ye

Encik Jurassic said...

hehe,thanks wani.
okays,u guy too~

kumansakti said...

oi... nice picture! aku pon rase nak angkat satu dslr yg best2 skek. ade hot deal kasi bunyi

Encik Jurassic said...

cakap je xguna,sile angkat plzz~
aku da jrg tgk brg2 kamera,fyp maa~